How to Remove White Space from your eBay Listing Template
POSTED July 21, 2017

How to Remove White Space from your eBay Listing Template

Sometimes when using listing templates on eBay, the eBay editor will replace spacing in code with a HTML space entity. This issue was recently brought to my attention by someone using one of my eBay listing templates, I am unsure whether this is a bug with eBay’s editor or if it is the intended functionality but it can make a real mess of your template design, fortunately it’s easy enough to fix.

When you create a listing on eBay and switch to HTML mode, if your code contains lots of spacing eBay will replace the spacing by adding lots of “ ” HTML entities, which stands for a non-breaking space. This can massively mess up the look of your template causing elements to misalign and adding lots of unwanted blank space.

How to fix the problem

To fix this problem, each time you create your listing simply make sure the code is compressed to remove any spacing before pasting it into eBay. There are plenty of HTML compression tools online that will do this for you and it’s a quick and easy copy/paste job. My personal favorite choice is – simply paste in your code that contains spacing, click the compress button, copy your compressed code and paste it into eBay’s HTML tab.


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