Easy Care Solutions


Bespoke eBay Listing Template for Easy Care Solutions

I recently had the pleasure of designing a bespoke eBay listing template for Easy Care Solutions, a leading supplier of incontinence products to clients in the UK. The goal of the new template was to create a clean and modern design that would match the company’s existing website colors and branding, and that would display well on both desktop browsers and the eBay mobile app.

The project also involved integrating the new template with the Linnworks inventory management system. 

Creating the Design

I started the project by working with the Easy Care Solutions team to understand their branding and design preferences. Once I had a good understanding of their needs, I began to develop a design concept for the new template.

I wanted to create a design that was both visually appealing and easy to read. I also wanted to make sure that the design was consistent with the company’s existing branding.

I chose to use a minimalist design with a simple white background and black text. I also used a few key accent colors, such as different shades of blue, to match the company’s branding.

I also paid careful attention to the typography of the template. I chose a font that was both easy to read and visually appealing. I also made sure to use a font size that was large enough to be readable on all device types.

Integrating the Template with Linnworks

Once the design for the new template was complete, I integrated it with the Linnworks inventory management system. 

I created a template that used Linnworks specific tags to insert all of the necessary product data into the eBay listings. This template can be used to create eBay listings for any product in the Linnworks inventory.


The new bespoke eBay listing template for Easy Care Solutions has been well-received by the company’s customers. The template has helped Easy Care Solutions to increase their sales on eBay, and it has also helped to improve the customer experience.

I am proud of the work that I did on the new eBay listing template for Easy Care Solutions. I believe that the new template is a valuable asset to the company, and I am confident that it will help the company to continue to grow and succeed in the future.


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